About Us

Our little jewellery shop in Norfolk

'mine' is a story about a love for all things beautifully crafted that are visually stunning and most of all made by people who are doing what they love.

Myself Neil Swan & partner Jayne have travelled to many places, visited endless galleries and it always amazed us to see how much creative talent is out there. We felt we wanted to share this unique work with you.

We bought our little shop in 'Wells Next the Sea' in 2010. We invited the artists we loved if they would like to sell their pieces in our shop. Our list of designers since has grown to over 50.

We do our best to avoid what we feel is the boring high street brands. Jewellery is chosen to show you off for the person you are and not the same as everybody else. Our choice of designers has hopefully suited all personalities and taste.

We have been asked numerous times if we have a website and so after 6 years felt the time is right to produce one. It will take time to build up our list of designers but I'm sure we'll get there and hopefully in time it will reflect our shop in Wells.

As all our loyal customers already know our philosophy is to make retailing a fun experience.

So if you can't make it to our beautiful little town I hope you enjoy our site.